Thursday, August 23, 2012

114th anniversary of Philippine independence

Last July, I was so lucky to be celebrate the 114th anniversary of Philippine independence in Taipei. It was my first time in Taipei and I must I say I definitely enjoyed! It was like mini-Japan like from the people to the goods. The people were so nice! They kept smiling haha. The food was very delicious as well, very tasty. For me, I think I prefer Taiwanese food over Chinese food. It's I think healthier? And you have an abudance of choices.

Anyway the real reason why I visited Taipei was for the independence event, it was an event wherein diplomatic consulars based in Taipei gathered and welcomed the Philippines independence. It was such a good experience since I met some international people and it surely made me love my Filipino culture even more. The setting was so beautiful with Filipino things all over like there was our famous "lechon", which is also suckling pig and you would see a colorful entrance tarpaulin filled with images of exotic Filipino festivals.

I really love visiting new places and being able to have a taste of their culture. Taipei was worth it and I'm hoping to go back since it isn't so far from my hometown.

The banner says it all

This si so cute, who would've thought

My sister and I wearing Ditas Sandico-Ong Filipiniana


excellent group photo of Philippine representative :-)


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We Read

 As I was rummaging through Yna's bag, it donned on me that this girl has a fantastic taste when it comes to books. Here are some of her current reads....
 Great for interiors and as the title suggests, very tasteful.
 getting a copy of this. I was magnetized by how the author enlightens the reader with graphics and very blunt points.
 My favorite line.
and lastly this, cause visual porn ain't enough.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Spontaneous HK trip

Last Thursday, August 9, my family and I had a trip to HK and it went out really well because we were able to bond as a family. We did our usual shopping and dining together. I was excited for this trip because its been quite a few months since I last went to HK.

And here I was back at one of the best airports in the world designed by Norman Foster. I always look forward to going to hk since the first thing I see is the beautiful airport. It's very well planned out especially with the new parts of the airport where stores like Zara are found.
detail of ceiling of HK international airport 

We always stay at the Marco Polo Gateway since its situated in Tsim Tsa Tsui, one of the most known areas in hk. Here lies Canton road, a street filled with designer boutiques such as Chanel, Prada, Hermes, etc. The Harbour City mall where the Marco Polo hotels are located is one of my favourite malls in the world since it practically has everything. From branded goods to cute department stores like City Super.

our high tea tiered tra
a glimpse of the Peninsula Hong Kong lobby

Hong Kong is known to have really good food and so since my family loves to eat and dine out, we made the most of our trip. From Korean to Japanese cuisine, we were surely stuffed!

We ate in a very good Yankiniku place with the softest and tastiest Wagyu. Mmm it melted in my mouth.
Upper left: blackberry Yuzu drink
Upper right: wagyu and Australian beef
Lower left: Seaweed and tofu salad
Lower right: yakiniku grill

We also ate in this really cozy Korean restaurant called Arirang. The food and menu selection was great! I must say it is one of the yummiest Korean restaurants I ate in.

Upper left: cold plum drink
Upper right: tofu with chili sauce
Lower left: Japchae
Lower right: Kalbi Gui
Chinese food - pork bbq, duck, soy chicken, white chicken

We were able to visit a different mall as well since we had enough time. It was in Kowloon Tang and it called the Festival Walk. Very nice mall as well! It's full of atriums and escalators. But before that we stopped by Mongkok and we saw a nice shopping place as well. Oh and not to mention we were able to see Abercrombie & Fitch models in a bus, TOPLESS! I think they were gonna launch an opening of their new store.

some structural detail/art inside Mongkok
A&F models <3
The remaining time of our trip was well, devoted to shopping. Hihi 

some cool shades in Joyce boutique

Charlotte Olympia shoes, I wish to have one day!
See's chocolate ahh my ultimate favourite!

And our last day was on Sunday, August 11. Time was so fast! But til next time! :-)


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hello World!!!!

Hello netizens! Welcome to our blog! We're Cholo and Yna, junior architecture students. We chose to make this blog because we want to share to everyone what we like about our world; architecture, fashion, art,  food, travel and other things that inspire us and also, our crazy spontaneous adventures. Here are some of those....

 .......fame whoring at a showbiz awards night
 .......pretending to go the gym and have a "workout" whoring with our friend Cristina in school
.......cutting class to "study"

as I am writing this, Yna's off to Hong Kong! She'll be posting her escapades there soon! Have a safe trip hoe!

Cholo and Yna