Thursday, September 27, 2012

How We Roll In Cebu!

Our Design class this term had us tripping to Cebu since the site of our awesome design team was there. Visiting the site of a project and doing an ocular inspection is essential in the design process.

For our first night in Cebu, we stayed at Lei's penthouse.

If you're staying with Lei, a house is never a home without these. =)

Our first day was dedicated to work work work so we're not gonna bore you with stories of how we got plans, data, charts, population growth etc. so let's fast forward to the interesting stuff shall we? like the food. Oh my ghad the food was incredible in Cebu! We ate at this restaurant called Laguna 2 times. Apparently it's one of the sought after restaurants in Cebu and boy, it didn't fail to satisfy us!  

Then dessert at this chocolate themed restaurant named Chocolatier (not sure about the name though). The dishes we ordered tasted and looked oh so delicious!

On our way to our respective sites, we saw some buildings that sparked the architecture geek within us. One of them was this.

Then night came. Since Lei's place was where all the hip bars were at, we took it as a sign to go out and have some fun even though we were armed with Lei's "essentials" back at her penthouse. First, we went to Z bar which was designed by Kenneth Cobonpue. It was breathtaking! 
 This is how Yna looks like when you spot her in a club or bar, so unapproachably fierce!.... 
......and Cholo's more of the mysterious pretty boy you can't get your eyes off of type (haha!).

We went bar hopping, after Z, we went to distillery and loft then decided to call it a "night."

Second day, we stayed at Shang-Rila, Mactan but before that Yna, being the harlot that she is, went boy-hunting and spotted some.
The girls invaded the boys' room and since dinner was a few hours away, we killed time by camera-whoring!
 Dinner with the crew. (L-R) Cholo, Max, Earl, Lei and Yna.

Then we chilled by the beach.
 Midnight beer buddies: Lei and Cholo

 Another night has passed and the next thing we knew, we were having breakfast!

Spent the last hours at Shang with a good game of beach volleyball!

Airport bound! We lounged at Tinder box designed by Ed Calma and furniture by Kenneth Cobonpue.
Best part about this trip: We hardly spent a thing! We hope this post inspires you to go out, have fun, meet new people and gain connections. It's not always about schoolwork schoolwork schoolwork; a fact of life. But don't get us wrong, schoolwork is just as important!

Watch out for our next post with a certain world famous designer. =)

Peace and Love,

Cholo and Yna

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Last  September 10-17, 2012, my Dad, Mum, and I went to Russia. Our destinations were Moscow and St. Petersburg. It was such a good experience for all of us since we all wanted to go to Russia and it was quite hard to get a visa.  I was really so so happy when we were on the way and could just imagine what Russia looked and felt like. I cherished and enjoyed every minute of the trip even the plane ride, despite the fact that I don’t really like long plane rides.

We flew using Aeroflot and we had a layover in HK and I felt so lucky that it was in Hk because my project for Architectural Design 5 in school is an airport and HK has one of the world’s greatest airports. Our flight to Moscow was pretty long although it didn’t feel as long because Aeroflot had really good services.

To sum it up, Moscow is more into industrial type and more on new building but there are old buildings as well such as the Kremlin. St. Petersburg was REALLY beautiful and breathtaking. It reminded me so much of Italy . They were able to preserve mostly everything there.

Russia was really beautiful and it was one of the most interesting countries I’ve been to. It is so rich in culture and history. I absolutely love visiting different places where the culture and architecture is unique! :-)