Thursday, October 25, 2012

Eyes On the Premio

After being spotted at the opening of Philippine Fashion Week last Tuesday, Erika and I had dinner at the newly opened Premio. Their cuisine is mainly Filipino but with an international modern spin to it. Everything we ordered was delicious plus the ambiance was fantastic! Erika and I just had endless chats and endless instagrams of food porn (BTW i have instagram already! follow me: mistercholo).

 Chillin' at the couch while waiting for our orders

 Caesar Salad 

 Chicken Kara-age

 Their specialty: Karekare. They make the sauce from scratch....

 ....and it's served with Bagoong rice. Mmm..mmm...

 Erika, digging in!

For dessert, Panna cotta made with goat's milk.

Head on over to Premio, located at 32nd Street, F1 Hotel- Ground Floor, 1634 Fort Bonifacio.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ghost of Birthday's Past

In the spirit of Yna's birthday birthday coming up next month, here's what happened last year!

 Cholo and super hot Kim

 Kim and birthday girl

 Yna, Jaime and Dan

 Holla Sonnyboy!

 See this guy? Don't ever trust our amigo Jaime. He got everyone drunk then left. fml!

Cholo, Toby and Kim


Looking forward to this year's festivities!

Peace and Love,
Cholo and Yna

Monday, October 8, 2012

Steve Aoki In Manila!

Steve Aoki was in town last Thursday night for his gig here in Manila. Erika tagged me along with her and the timing could not have been more perfect. School work was slowly getting into my system so it's the perfect chance to let loose and escape. Also, it's nice catching up with friends! Sorry for the shitty photos, I was busy jumping and nodding my head.

The only sane photo of Erika and I

With Lia and Kelsey. Check out where she's keeping her phone safe, Hollaaaaa!


The party crowd going crazy!

"Reserved" girls: Sanya and Erika

Wohoooooo! Paaaaaazzzzzzaaaaawwwwwt!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012


 Last Friday, We and our friends decided to have Thai lunch in Som's to kill the 3-hour break we had. Also, it's near school, like 15 minutes away (that is without traffic though). Som's has bumped up their place, before it was just your humble good Thai food joint within the neighborhood but now, as you can see from the photo, they have swagged up. It's now a building!
 They have the best Thai tea!

If you're craving for honest to good Thai food, hit up Som's located at 5921 Alger St. Poblacion, Makati (For all our conyo peeps, it's near Powerplant Mall, Rockwell). You won't be disappointed!

Peace and Love, 
Cholo and Yna

Monday, October 1, 2012

Cobonpue Encounter

While we were in Cebu, our team got hooked up to meet and chat with Kenneth Cobonpue. Kenneth Cobonpue is a Cebu-based designer. He designs mostly furniture in a special hand crafted way. His designs are scattered all around the globe, some are seen in various movies and music videos like "Never wanna leave this bed" by Maroon 5, Ocean's 11, etc. not to mention his elite clientèle; I'm sure he has Brad Pitt on speed dial!

We went to his showroom and while waiting for him, we looked at some of his pieces. We were in awe of his brilliance.

Yna on Yoda: Yna, sitting on one of his best-sellers , the"Yoda" chair
Cholo marvelling at the lamps made of paper

We just love this piece!

Finally, he showed himself. His aura was super nice, not a hint of arrogance. We sat at one of his dining tables (that he designed) and started asking questions and he was very accommodating in enlightening us. We actually have a video of our chat with him but it's such a shame that's it's in the quality of crap hence you won't be able to understand. Our chat with him covered a lot! He talked about his projects in Cebu, hindered airport project (thoughts about politics), design process, concepts, pricing, new rickshaw project, his showroom, his Pratt U. buddies, his show in Paris, a new store opening in Makati, his furniture, his company and most importantly, his advise for young designers like us. He also told us that Architecture is the best training for Design =)
"You have to love what you do, all of these is because I love what I do." 
-Kenneth Cobonpue

Peace and Love,
Cholo and Yna